3rd Workshop on obfuscation

May 4 & 7, 2021

Welcome! The 3rd Workshop on Obfuscation will finally take place online on May 7, 2021, a full day of online talks and gatherings. The workshop will be preceded by a vernissage on May 4, 2021, where we will exhibit artworks and media from invited speakers. Everyone is welcome to participate, with or without submission. 

Please register here.

If you are interested in presenting your work, propose your own session or join our study group, please check out the call for participation.

In the Spring of 2020, as we were in full force preparing the 3rd Workshop on Obfuscation, COVID-19 was recognized by the World Health Organization as a pandemic, which led us to postpone indefinitely. With these overwhelming yet intriguing developments in the back of our minds, we reconsidered whether to do a Workshop on Obfuscation, and, if so, how should we go about it. Aware that simply moving online would not work, we explored ways to create an engaging and productive online workshop. You can read more about the motivation to take the 3rd Workshop on Obfuscation online and the choices and decisions involved in the process here

Report of the 2nd Workshop on obfuscation (WO 2017)

The Workshop Report from the 2nd Workshop on Obfuscation, available as individual articles on this website as well as in a printer-friendly PDF.  Whether you were able to attend or couldn't make it, we hope this report will provide further resources towards developing obfuscation both as a theory and praxis.

We have asked our panelists to each provide a brief essay summarizing their project, concept, application—with an emphasis on the questions, challenges, and discussions raised during the weekend. As with the workshop itself, this report is a starting point rather than an end point.


Sponsored by:

Organizing committee:

Ero Balsa (Cornell Tech)
Seda Gürses (TU Delft)
Helen Nissenbaum (Cornell Tech)
Jara Rocha (Independent researcher)